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What are the benefits of car wax?

  • Car wax is a combination of natural oils and carnauba wax that creates a thin layer to protect the clearcoat from UV damage and pollutants.

  • A major benefit of carnauba and hybrid wax (which contains water beading properties) is that it permits dirt and contaminants to slide off instead of embedding into the paint, causing further damage.


What is paint sealant?

  • Paint Sealant is a fully synthetic product which like wax, protects the clearcoat and paint but with the added benefit of a mirror-like shine.

  • The sealant contains polymer properties and adheres to the paint (unlike wax) to last many months longer and provide stronger protection against UV rays, acid rain, sap, and other harmful contaminants.


Should I get my vehicle polished?

  • If your vehicle has any swirls, scratches, oxidation, faded spots, or any other marks or imperfections, it’s recommending that you have your car polished. Car polish is designed to maintain your paint/clear coat and enhance its appearance with a deeper, vivid color.

  • Polish should be used to correct any defections first and then it should be sealed with a premium sealant to ensure your paint is both corrected and maintained for months to come.


Are you happy with your results?

Stop debating over whether or not you want to seek our service.  We hands down have the best prices and without doubt the preferred quality and service in the south side area.  Give me a call, I'll make an assessment and recommend a package based on your needs!

Platinum Packages

From $649.95*
  • Consist of the Gold Package + Protective Paint Coating for exterior painted surfaces (Up to 3 years when maintained properly*)

From $399*
  • Consist of Cleaning, Decontamination, Prepping, and Applying Coating to exterior painted surfaces (Up to 3 years when maintained properly*)

Bronze Package

From $59.95*
  • Exterior wash

  • Clay Bar the entire vehicle

  • Clean wheels

  • Clean tires thoroughly to allow tire coating to bond properly (improves longevity and sling-free side effects)

  • Exterior windows cleaned.

  • Apply long-lasting tire coating

  • Apply hybrid wax (water-beading, superior shine and protection for up to 3 months)




*** You can also pick and choose from our Upgrades Section! ***

Gold Package

Interior & Exterior           Detail



From $249.95*

"Paint Enhancement Package"

Includes everything in our "Silver Package"



  • Polishing Process with buffer

  • Achieves deep wet shine with up to 75- 90% defect removal  AND includes 6-12 month Paint Sealant





*** You can also pick and choose from our Upgrades Section! ***

Silver Package

Interior & Exterior Detail

From $99.95*


  • Vacuum interior 

  • Clean door jams

  • Clean + Condition leather seats: most buildup can be removed making your seat look and feel better

  • Clean + UV Protect dash and door panels

  • Clean interior windows with tint-safe window cleaner



  • Wash vehicle 

  • Clean wheels

  • Degrease tires and apply Tire Coating

  • Exterior windows cleaned

  • Apply wax (water-beading, superior shine, and protection for up to 3 months)


*** You can also pick and choose from our Upgrades Section! ***


Exterior Upgrades

**Upgrade Prices Vary**



*Tire Coating 

 Multi-month tire protection that is washable, dries to the touch, and is waterproof!


*Recommended for newer tires that haven't been applied with silicone tire shine/dressing in the past.  Comes with a free cleaner to maintain the shine!  (Not for use with other tire coating products, only touch-ups of this product are recommended when it starts to dull).


* Engine Bay Detailing

Best when selling your vehicle

*Faded Plastic Trim Restoration

*Paint Sealant Protection 

Synthetic Polymers provide longer and more durable protection than traditional wax.

 Paint Sealant 6-12 months > Wax 1-3 Months .

*Clay Bar 

Removes embedded contaminants normal washing will not remove. Creates a pure clean surface that is smooth as glass and is recommended every 6 months.

*Window Coatings aka Rain Repellent 

Safer driving in heavy rain extends wiper blade life, bugs easier to remove from the surface.

Interior Upgrades

*Shampoo/ Stain Removal

​*Fabric Odor Elimination 

​*Full Interior Odor Elimination including Ventilation System

​*Headliner Cleaning

clean and waxes suv with sealant.jpg
full interior detail with conditioned seats, vacuumed liner, mats and seats, uv protectant on doors, panels and dashboard
clean and detailed engine bay for increase appeal and performence
washed and waxed car with clean tires, clean wheels and polished rims for increased appeal and performence