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Whether you are someone who details your vehicle yourself and is looking for a professional touch or you simply don't have the time in the day to tackle the task, Integrity Mobile Detailing is your solution.


We provide a wide array of exterior detailing options, including a basic wash and wax, exterior and interior detailing packages, along with upgrade services such as paint enhancement offered in our Gold Package. We have the tools and the knowledge to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction at a premium quality, not a premium price.


Don't neglect your vehicle week after week, let me take that burden to ensure your investment stays in pristine condition and save yourself time and money down the road.

Process Overview

  • Wash your vehicle with our fast-acting foam and hand wash wheels and tires

  • Rinse off the soap and dirt and then dry with our professional grade microfiber towels

  • Clay bar with detailing spray to remove embedded debris from clearcoat and paint

  • Clean wheels/tires, apply tire coating and ensure cracks and crevices are clean on the outside panels

  • Polish your vehicle and buff out the imperfections to restore your vehicle's color

  • Apply wax, paint sealant or protective paint coating depending on your selection and vehicle needs.

washed, paint enhanced and waxed corvette in Norfolk
carnauba wax and sealant application on SUV

Like your living space, no matter how the outside looks, you cannot feel your best and invite others in when the inside of your vehicle is cluttered and in need of some spring cleaning. Integrity has professional-grade equipment to ensure your guests and family will be right at home when traveling. Whether you need vacuuming or extra love with shampooing and deodorizing, we'll ensure your vehicle looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your interior cleaning and detailing needs.

Process Overview

  • Vacuum and shampoo carpet, mats

  • Condition leather seats and/or deodorize fabric

  • Apply UV protective coating to inner panels

  • Clean windows with tint-safe window cleaner

vacuumed and conditioned interior Hampton Roads
vacuumed and conditioned interior
vacuumed carpet, mats, seats and uv protected dashboards and panels Norfolk

Paint Enhancement is one of the most valuable services you can do for your vehicle. By using the correct technique and products for stages of machine polishing, the paint on your vehicle can be restored and look many times better than before. This process is achieved by removing eyesores such as minor swirl marks, blemishes, oxidation, and marring. We are able to accomplish up to 75% defect removal with our process. This service is highly recommended for vehicles who have never had it to extend the durability of your car's paint and clear coat.


Paint Correction Process:


  • The vehicle is completely washed and dried using premium microfiber towels

  • Clay bar treatment to decontaminate paint and remove embedded debris.

  • One or more polishing stages using a buffer to remove light scratches, swirl marks, and other defects.

  • Wax, paint sealant or protective paint coating (depending on option) is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to provide months of protection and extend durability.

exterior detail truck.jpg
wax claybar certamic coating.jpg

Over time, the protective coating on your headlights becomes embedded with scratches and cracks, and oxidation occurs- creating yellow, cloudy lenses that decrease your visibility while driving. The decreased clarity and foggy look are not only less appealing but create a hazard for you and your passengers when driving in the night or in low-visibility conditions. According to the National Security Council, 50% of all traffic deaths happen at night, even if most driving is done during daylight.


Promote safety and well-being by giving us a call to restore your headlights if you notice these signs. Compared to the hundreds of dollars you'll spend per headlamp, on top of labor costs, this provides more value for your hard-earned money and is a fairly quick service to do as well.


headlight restoration.jpg
headlight restoration

We do offer monthly maintenance packages which in turn will save you a spot each month all while saving you money in the long run. Now, who doesn’t like the convenience of priority service? Be sure to me know if you are interested and we'll get you squared away!


Starting Monthly Prices:


Cars: $79.95+

​Small SUV's and Trucks: $99.95+

​Large SUV's and Mini Vans: $119.95+


  1. Purchase the Silver or Gold Package for your first visit

  2. Select a day for the following month to start your discounted monthly rate!



  • You are our priority: You will always have a reserved spot on a date of your choosing so no calling and having to wait for the first availability 

  • Your vehicle will always be clean and protected from the elements all year round

  • ​It takes less time and money to maintain your vehicle than to let your vehicle go for months without getting detailed

  • ​​Your vehicle will have increased value for resale or trade-in when properly maintained

Monthly Maintenance Package

Exterior Detail
Inteior Detail

Full Exterior Detail

Full Interior Detail

Paint Enhancemnt
Headlight Restoration

Paint Enhancement

Headlight Restoration

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